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Thread: Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

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    Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

    Hello , I would like to know Which is the Best Desktop among the Xcfe and Gnome , For Linux, What Do You Like or Dislike about them , please tell me , I Want to know which is a Better Desktop Enviroment , please Help me Thanks in advance

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    Re: Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

    I am also torn between Gnome and KDE. KDE is bit Behind and that leads Gnome, but KDE 4.1 is a big slap in my face in terms of design ... i would say if i get The two environments in one, then it would be great.

    • Because it's really very beautiful ...
    • Because it is extremely functional ...
    • Because it's really what's more consistent to use and customize.

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    Re: Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

    Xfce is lightweight and also less dependent on resources than GNOME. GNOME is Used by Ubuntu very well known distribution and popular with people making the transistion of windows in linux. Gnome , It is not the best, fastest or the one with the most functionality, but it is a good balance

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    Re: Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

    X-window (or X11 or X) is a system which allows the graphical display. it is currently provided by XFree86, but is now changing to xorg for licensing issues. KDE and Gnome are desktop environments, and they rely on X and provide a window manager, icons, wallpaper + lots of other things.

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    Re: Xfce vs Gnome , Which is the Best

    i would SAY Yes to XFCE but still It had some limitations I think it has lack of maturity,and some restrictions of copy / paste on the desktop this may hinder me when I'm working fast. There is also a recurring problem that I have with the dark theme (dark), the scrolling bar is dark and it become impossible to distinguish

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