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Thread: Windows 7-XP Transformation Pack

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    Windows 7-XP Transformation Pack

    i am trying to get windows 7 looks for me but i am confuse about the which one is better because it creating trouble on my friend pc also tell me ,is that only changes the looks or also effects performance please tell me if any one using it ....
    thank you

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    Re: Windows 7-XP Transformation Pack

    from personal experience ill say your friends problem might can be due to antivirus software so change the antivirus..other wise change version of Transformation Pack.

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    Re: Windows 7-XP Transformation Pack

    Just downloaded it,and unlike vista transformation pack, This allows us to install each thing like bootscreens,logon screen Manually which is better and doesnt slow down the system.And the Installation Guide is very well written too

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    Re: Windows 7-XP Transformation Pack

    I tried this pack. It's not bad at all.
    The sidebar and the panel bar is just an executable file, which is not so impressive. I removed it.

    I am just using the AERO cursors provided in this pack and AQUA theme.
    The wallpapers provided are good enough.

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