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Thread: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

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    Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    Hi All!

    This a problem with my bluetooth device in which i setup the software of it in my computer to connect it but now i dont want 'My Bluetooth Places' icon on the desktop. i even tried deleting the icon but was not allowing to remove it.

    Then tried to get rid of it theough reg edit for XP.

    Please Help...!

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    Re: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    Follow the same instructions for XP:

    1) Find the this registry: [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{6af09ec9-b429-11d4-a1fb-0090960218cb}

    2) Export it for a backup

    3) remove this key and subfolders

    4) reboot

    5) delete the icon that now appears as a blank page on the desktop.

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    Re: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    I have Vista Home Premium.

    I searched by couldn't find this key [HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\CLSID\{6af09ec9-b429-11d4-a1fb-0090960218cb}.But was not able to locate the file.

    Help Please...!

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    Re: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    Follow the following steps:

    1. Open regedit.

    2. Find HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\explorer\Desktop\NameSpace.

    3. These are all your desktop icons. One of them is My Blutooth places.

    4. You can delete it and the icon will go.

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    Re: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    Just download 'Tweak UI' from the Microsoft website - there's a
    desktop option in there that let's you remove items from the desktop.

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    Re: Deleting My Bluetooth Icon from Desktop

    After installing any Bluetooth device(Like USB Bluetooth Dongle,Bluetooth Mouse,Bluetooth Printer etc) on Windows Vista, an icon called “My Bluetooth Places” has appeared on the desktop.If you right click on it, there is no option to delete. In the configuration box, there’s no option to move it. If you attempt to drag it off the desktop to another location it automatically creates a shortcut and leaves the original on the desktop.If you want to remove this annoying “My Bluetooth Places” from Windows Vista desktop, do any of the following methods:

    Method 1:Using Windows Vista Registry Editor
    Start the Windows Vista registry editor by clicking Start, then, Run, and then entering regedit.
    You’ll need to provide administrative confirmation if User Account Control(UAC) is turned on.
    Navigate to the following registry key:

    Expand NameSpace and look for a key named {6af09ec9-b429-11d4-a1fb-0090960218cb}.
    Verify the key’s default value is My Bluetooth Places, and then delete it.
    Refresh the desktop by click on the desktop and then press F5 key.

    Warning: Modifying the Windows registry can cause serious damage to your Windows Operating System.It is better to backup your Windows registry data before making any changes. is not responsible for any changes you may make to your system.

    Method 2: Using Desktop Cleanup Wizard
    Right click on the Windows Vista desktop and select properties
    Then on desktop tab click Customize Desktop
    Then on general tab, click Clean Desktop Now icon
    Select My Bluetooth Places icon, then finish wizard.
    A folder called Unused Desktop Icons will be created on the desktop with the My Bluetooth Places icon in it.
    Delete this folder

    If you did everything correctly, then the My Bluetooth Places desktop icon will no longer be visible on any user’s desktop in Windows Vista.

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