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Thread: How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

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    idea How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

    Hey Guys,

    I'm running Windows Xp as my operating system. I'm trying to set my default color scheme to silver color, but some how i'm unable to do it. Can any one tell me that what can i do in order to change my default color scheme? Does any body knows about this issue? Kindly provide me the logical steps to set my default color scheme.

    Thanks a lot.

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    Re: How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

    I can set Silver color for current user by changing the registry keys below. In an attempt to make it take effect for new users, I modify the default user NTUSER.DAT file (via RegLoadKey/RegUnloadKey APIs) and change the same keys but when I create a new user, the color scheme is still the default (Blue) color.

    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Appearance\New Schemes\Current Settings SaveAll\Sizes\0]
    "Color #1"=dword:00984e00
    "Color #2"=dword:00e35400
    "Color #3"=dword:00df967a
    "Color #9"=dword:00ffffff
    "Color #13"=dword:00c56a31
    "Color #14"=dword:00ffffff
    "Color #15"=dword:00d8e9ec
    "Color #16"=dword:0099a8ac
    "Color #19"=dword:00f8e4d8
    "Color #26"=dword:00800000
    "Color #27"=dword:00ff953d
    "Color #28"=dword:00ebb99d
    "Color #29"=dword:00c56a31
    "Color #30"=dword:00d8e9ec
    [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Colors]
    "ActiveTitle"="192 192 192"
    "Background"="88 87 104"
    "ButtonFace"="224 223 227"
    "ButtonShadow"="157 157 161"
    "GradientActiveTitle"="200 200 200"
    "GradientInactiveTitle"="238 239 247"
    "Hilight"="178 180 191"
    "HilightText"="0 0 0"
    "HotTrackingColor"="100 139 203"
    "InactiveTitle"="255 255 255"
    "InactiveTitleText"="162 161 161"
    "TitleText"="14 16 16"
    "MenuHilight"="187 183 199"
    "MenuBar"="224 226 235"

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    Re: How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

    Right click on your desktop choose properties then appearance tab. Change whatever colors you want, but then you have to click apply for it to become default.

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    Re: How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

    XP-Style Button provides the look and feel of a button with any of of the three built-in color schemes of Windows XP and will also work with earlier versions of Windows, or using a color scheme if you use Windows XP. You simply don't have to worry about how the button will look like on different versions of Windows, it will always look the same.

    • Resizing of the button doesn't work on appearance.
    • Button supports Image and Text property, which are optional.
    • Possibility to add a button to a form and set properties at the design and at the run time.
    • Tab order, navigating by buttons with keys <Tab>, <Up>, <Down>, <Left>, <Right>. If button has an input focus, <Return> and <Space> work as a left-button mouse click.
    • Access keys - possibility to trigger the click event of control by pressing the ALT key in combination with predefined key.
    • Accept button (button which is clicked when the user presses ENTER key if no other button or any other control that captures the ENTER key has focus) or Cancel button (button clicked when the user presses the ESC key) on the form.
    • Tool tip allows to set a hint with one line of code.
    • With DefaultScheme property set to false, the button always has the Windows XP color scheme that you chose, no matter what version of Windows or current Windows XP visual style.
    • On one form you may have buttons with different color schemes.

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    Re: How to set Color Scheme to Silver as default

    You have to change the default user's theme in the registry (TweakUI should have done it.)


    And select the appropriate dll and colour names should do it (check your registry setting for the olive colour name).

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