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Thread: Microsoft Speed Launch - URL Launcher

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    idea Microsoft Speed Launch - URL Launcher

    Most of the Windows users don’t know that there is a wonderful launcher for Windows by Office Labs, and are using other third-party utilities. Speed Launch comes straight from Microsoft Office Labs. So, like any Microsoft product, Speed Launch is extremely easy-to-use and simple.

    Speed Launch was the first Grassroots Project from Office Labs. It was developed by Microsoft employees who wanted to explore ways to provide faster access to the stuff people use most. With Speed Launch, you can simply drag any file, document, or website URL into the Speed Launch bull’s eye on your desktop and tag it with any name you want. Then, any time you need it again, you can just go through the bull’s eye, type or click on the name, and there it is.

    By default, Speed Launch doesn’t launch any application apart from a few pre-listed programs and web services. To add any file, program, website URL to this list, simply drag and drop the shortcut to the Speed Launch bull’s eye on your desktop (found at bottom right) and tag it with any name you want.

    To launch any file, program or website URL that you have already added to the Speed Launch list, simply press “Windows + C” or double-click on the Speed Launch bull’s-eye, and then type in the name. Additionally, text field has auto-complete, so it’s very quick to get to shortcuts even with long names.

    You can find more advanced options by right-clicking on the bull’s eye. So, with this you can instantly launch any file, program or a site URL without any difficulties. The program is simply wonderful to have and also very low system resources.

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    Re: Microsoft Speed Launch - URL Launcher

    There is one thing of concern during installation. Speed Launch can only be installed if you accept that usage metrics will be send over to Microsoft. I suppose one could simply prevent the communication with the server if he does not like to transfer the data. As always, there is no real information what data gets transferred, only the assurance that it will not be used to identify the user.

    Well, if you still want to give it a try you notice a bulls eye in the lower right corner of the screen after installation. That’s the area where you drop files and websites on to create shortcuts.

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    Re: Microsoft Speed Launch - URL Launcher

    Internet pages are opened in the default browser which is very surprising but also welcome for a Microsoft application. Microsoft Speed Launch could be described as a basic version of Launchy.

    The only advantage is that it comes directly from Microsoft which will surely appeal to many users who are cautious about third party applications.

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    Re: Microsoft Speed Launch - URL Launcher

    Its really an awesome program... very useful..

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