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Thread: How to custom Boot Menu in Win XP ?

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    How to custom Boot Menu in Win XP ?

    hello everyone,

    I want to custom boot menu in my Windows operating system.
    How can I do the same..? Does anybody knows about this.....please help

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    Re: How to custom Boot Menu in Win XP ?

    To Create Custom boot.ini

    1. Go to Start->Run-> type cmd
    2. Type cd c:\
    3. Type attrib boot.ini
    4. Now you should see A SHR C:\boot.ini
    5. Type attrib -S -H -R
    6. Type type boot.ini to see your current boot.ini
    7. Type edit boot.ini to edit your boot.ini
    8. Once done editing, type attrib +S +H +R to return the boot.ini file attributes to normal.
    9. reboot and now you have a custom boot.ini!

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    Re: How to custom Boot Menu in Win XP ?

    It is extremely easy to create a custom boot menu for your self.

    When you first boot up your computer and you see the “Windows Loading” screen,
    turn off your computer by holding in the computer and then turn it back on again.

    Now when you boot up you will see a Windows boot menu with various Safe-mode boot options.
    So you can choose to boot into Safe mode, regular mode, etc.

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    Re: How to custom Boot Menu in Win XP ?

    Create Custom Boot Menu

    First we allow access to the file that controls the boot menu using attrib, then we create a backup of the original boot.ini, next we edit the boot.ini file, and finally we reset the access on the file.

    follow the steps -

    • Go to Start->Run->
    • Type %COMSPEC% /K "cd %SYSTEMDRIVE%\"
    • Type attrib -H -S -A -R boot.ini
    • Type copy boot.ini boot-orig.ini
    • Type notepad boot.ini and edit the file, be sure to change the timeout from 30 to anything else.
    • When finished editing, close notepad and return to the command shell.
    • Type attrib +S +H +A +R boot.ini to return the boot.ini file attributes to normal.
    • Type bootcfg /Query to check your boot.ini file for errors.
    • Reboot and check out your new custom boot menu!

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