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Thread: New Drawing Features in Google Docs

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    New Drawing Features in Google Docs

    Google Docs just got an amazing new feature called insert drawing. With it you can now create and insert drawings directly into your Google documents, spreadsheets and presentations. You can view the announcement of the Insert Drawing tools here. The tools aren’t as rich as the ones you’ll find in products such as Microsoft’s Visio, but they are free and good enough for doing flowcharts, annotating images, collaborating on drawings and lots of other useful things.

    Drawings and diagrams

    Create your own drawings and diagrams in Google Docs and use them in your text documents, spreadsheets and presentations. As with the rest of Google Docs, your drawings are auto-saved and you can edit them collaboratively. To get started, open a document and select Insert > Drawing.

    Find and replace toolbar for text document

    The "Find and replace" feature in the text document Edit menu has gotten a makeover and an upgrade. Now it's a slick toolbar that sports case matching, whole word matching as well as regular expression-style matching.

    XLSX import

    You can now import supporting cell data, formatting, formulas, font style, background color, named ranges, frozen panes, and horizontal merges from Excel '07.

    Google Apps automatic identity in Forms

    This feature enables the collection of the user's email address when filling out a form on a Google Apps domain.

    Form summary page

    The form summary page can now be printed.

    List view in the desktop version of Google spreadsheets

    You can now use list view's simple design and powerful filtering and sorting on your desktop or notebook computer. Learn more

    Google Tournament function

    The GoogleTournament() function allows users to query NCAA data (including team names, records, scores, seedings, game times, etc) in a Google spreadsheet (ideal for creating automatic brackets). Learn more

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    Re: New Drawing Features in Google Docs

    awesome...goole docs just keeps coming out with the coolest features. All students are going to love this!
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    Re: New Drawing Features in Google Docs

    Wow, awesome, it was extremely easy for me to create some doodles. Google is trying hard to bring microsoft down.

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