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Thread: Delete Unwanted Screen Savers in Windows XP

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    Delete Unwanted Screen Savers in Windows XP

    Hello, I am a WIndows Xp user.. Once while installing a program , application installed a screen saver as well. i try to delete it many times from my system but it comes again. Even after removing the application that screen saver exist. How can i remove it totally from my system ?

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    Re: Delete Unwanted Screen Savers in Windows XP

    Thats possible because screensavers get stored in somewhere hidden files.You need to follow this steps to remove them completely:-

    1. First navigate to “C:\windows\system32\dllcache”.
    Cut and paste or type in your address bar to get there because it is a hidden folder . Once there, delete the Screen Savers in that folder . Otherwise, you will find that they will come back no matter how many times you delete them from your system 32 folder.

    2. Then you have to go to C: \Windows\system32 and delete the Screen Savers you want to get rid of . (Answer the file protection popups with cancel and yes.)

    3. Thats it,, youa are done.Theres no more Screen Savers..

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    Re: Delete Unwanted Screen Savers in Windows XP

    First look at the display/Properties/Screensaver tab and click each one listed to see what they look like so you can decide which ones you want to keep and which you want to get rid of. Write down the ones you plan to delete.

    Now go to Search and Files and Folders....and type in *.scr for the filename and click Find Now.

    As all the screensavers show up on the right hand side, you can then right click and delete the ones that are on your written list.

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    Re: Delete Unwanted Screen Savers in Windows XP

    Thanks for the help.. I hope this works for me..

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