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Thread: How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

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    How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

    Just wanted to know how can i enable a Aero glass effects in windows vista?
    I'm new to vista. Please help me.

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    Re: How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

    Aero Glass should be enabled by default if your video card supports it. If you don't have a supported graphic card then it won't work.

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    Re: How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

    See this video . Hope it will help.

    And also this similar thread :
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    Re: How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

    You need LDDM drivers and a card that supports DirectX9. I have glass working on my Toshiba Tecra M4 using the nvidia GeForce 6200 LDDM driver. I can toggle glass on and off with ctrl-shift-f9.

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    Re: How do I Enable Aero Glass in Vista?

    To Enable Aero Glass in Vista :

    • Right-Click on a blank area of desktop
    • Select Personalize from the context menu
    • Click Window Color and Appearance Option
    • Here you can check if you want to Enable Transparency or not.
    • You can also disable the whole aero glass theme from here. Just click the Open classic appearance properties for more color options link.
    • Select a non-Aero theme and click OK.

    These effects require pretty heavy video card specs… If you can’t get it working, it might be time to upgrade your system.

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