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Thread: Custom subtitles to DVD

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    Custom subtitles to DVD

    I have an educational DVD with REG speech I want to write to English subtitles. The end result will therefore be an English subtitled film with that speech. There is no text file to download on any website, I have to write myself. (Phew!)

    How should I go about? What programs do I need, and how do I create text and then get the text with video. Do you have any tips, there are free-ware to use. I found a couple of guides on but they were from the -05 and -03. There might be better / simpler program now.

    Grateful for your help. I am quite a novice in the field.

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    Re: Custom subtitles to DVD

    This is not their own texts but it is excellent to do so.

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    Re: Custom subtitles to DVD

    Subtitle workshop is well-known law. Further down the page are 3 other programs. My own experience is minimal. But there are manual in the program for help. Is also a recent Beta version of subtitle workshop.

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    Re: Custom subtitles to DVD

    Thanks for the tips. I will now I play a bit this weekend.

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