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Thread: German characters in Autocad

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    German characters in Autocad

    I have the drawings in DXF format, which I open and save to DWG in AutoCad.
    It is in German on the drawings and it seems to be no mention of style or fontfile. Style in the drawing is the default and is fontfile is txt.

    Want to make replacement characters instead of German letters...

    Anybody got a tip??

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    Re: German characters in Autocad

    It is because the person who made the drawing did not use the same font file that you, the same name but a German version.

    You can obtain the file and save it with another name, and select it with STYLE. If it is not too much text, it is probably easier to rewrite the text.

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    Re: German characters in Autocad

    Well .. much hassle, it will be well not if you have fontfile in its font bibliography?

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