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Thread: problem with viewing Flash videos

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    problem with viewing Flash videos

    Hi all
    I have problems viewing Flash videos. I'm using IE 7. I'm seeing a blank spot where the video player should be. I'm ruining Windows Vista operating system. Thanks for any help !

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    Re: problem with viewing Flash videos

    This is a known issue to Microsoft and Adobe. and none of the fixes work. My suggestion is to install Firefox because all of Flash videos run great in that browser.

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    Remove the Faulty Flash Player

    If you experience issues installing or using the latest version of Adobe Flash player, it is most a faulty Flash player installation.

    1. Download the Adobe Flash Player uninstaller:
      • Windows: uninstall_flash_player.exe (181 KB) (updated 04/08/08)
      • Note: If you have a Windows Flash Player uninstaller downloaded prior to April 4, 2008 on your desktop, then please delete it and download the latest version.

    2. Save the file to your system, choosing a location where you can find it (for example, your desktop).

    3. Quit all running applications, including all Internet Explorer or other browser windows, AOL Instant Messenger, Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, or other Messengers. Check the Windows system tray carefully to make certain no applications are still running which might possibly use Flash Player.

    4. Click Start > Run.

    5. Type cmd in the Open field.

    6. Click OK.

    7. In the command window, navigate to the folder the uninstall_flash_player.exe file was saved to (if it was saved to your desktop, this is done by typing cd desktop and then pressing enter) and then type:
      uninstall_flash_player.exe /clean

    8. Press Enter.

    9. Restart your computer.

    10. Reinstall the Flash Player Plugin from Adobe.

    Good luck

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    Re: problem with viewing Flash videos

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