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    OMFG Customizing Desktop

    For every shortcut of programs, I am getting 2 icons on my desktop. This thing happened when I copied the desktop folder from All Users folder through documents and settings to my own account's folder which is a Administrator account. All all this just because I wanted some of the icons of desktop to appear only on my desktop and not on any others desktop.

    I am fooled by my own act . Now how to get out of this problem.

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    Heh, what you did was just with a little difference. For your kind information, Admin can have the icons on every others desktop from all users folder. Other users can only view the icons created by them on their desktop.

    What happened with your case is that you copied the whole folder from All Users desktop and copied it in your account which resulted in duplication of all the desktop icons. And what you should do is, cut the individual icon from All Users desktop folder and place it in your desktop folder.

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    Fix your problem easily by deleting the icons that you dont want other users to see from All users desktop folder. But all such changes get noticed by the respective users and the Administrator cannot simply fool them with his powers.

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    Well, thank you for that guidance. Did in that way and now I could clear the icons from other user desktops and All Users desktop as well, but which appear on my desktop i.e. admin's desktop

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