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Thread: How to get rid of Platte account Spyware

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    How to get rid of Platte account Spyware

    I got this link of site on my browser. I am not able to wipe it completely. Sometime when I open the browser it got open on its own. I need some way by which I can get rid of the same. I tried to run cleaner to wipe this thing, but nothing worked here. I am also using Registry Cleaner software but it is also not working. I looked on web and found this is some kind of spyware. I am using AVG, it has not found it as a virus. I hope it would be safer enough to deal with the infection issue.

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    You can use a good anti-spyware. I got a redirection issue recently. I was checking some websites. I was prompted to add the toolbar and clicked on OK. Now everytime when I open a new page or browser it redirects me to some other website. It is a bit complicated to get rid of such things, but you can troubleshoot the same. If there is a good anti-spyware software available you can keep on scanning it under safe mode. Re-installing the entire web browser would help much.

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    Spyware are not complicated to get rid of. Redirection is other thing. This are two different things and both of them have different ways of fix. First as said you need a powerful anti-spyware that would help you much in many ways. It will clean your system and will not be complicated to implement. Registry cleaner just gives a very basic support. You cannot expect to have a complete clean option. There are certain online scanner that offer you to scan your system online and through that you can detect the infections.

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    re: How to get rid of Platte account Spyware

    I am too having the same issue. I am redirected everytime when I open a new website. I tried to contact my ISP for that, but he says issue lies from my end. I am not having any spyware issue here. Those are different. They scan your system for confidential information and captures it. While redirection is more irritating.

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    You need to locate the file which is associated with the infection. For that there is two ways. First either get a powerful anti-spyware and scan in safe mode. It will wipe out the threat automatically. The second way is by running hijackthis in your system. It will create a log file in the end that will show up the number of services running in the background. You can use this to eliminate the threat and make it more comfortable in usage.

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