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Thread: Discover System Updater

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    Discover System Updater

    What is this Discover System Updater ?? today i had come across it in bottom bar. It went away after rebooting the system, can it be an virus? Has anyone else come across it or has any idea about it??

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    Same here, i had noticed it yesterday. I had checked out control panel's add/remove programs and had gone through registry to find out it's instance but no luck. Is no where, its missing since rebooting my system. Let me know if you get any update on this.

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    I am not sure but i think that it is related to 'My Games' program. I have seen an entry called DISCover in all Programs which further expanded out to my game. While tweaking about this issue in other forum some one suggested me to remove DISCover.exe from startup in MSConfig, as soon as i did that My Games started up on reboot.

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    Re: Discover System Updater

    When I started my computer today then I also found this same file which was residing at below the screen in the minimized program area. I am not able to maximize or close it. I am using XP Media Center Edition 2005 and I have restarted my computer many times but it will not go away. Does anyone have some more information about this file? Thanks

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    Re: Discover System Updater

    It looks to me that it has something to do with the My Games program on my computer. If I list all programs then I can see an entry called DISCover and after expanding, it goes to My Games and Update My Games. I asked my computer vendor about this problem and they didnt know anything about it as well but they told me to remove the DISCover.exe from the startup in Msconfig.

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