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Thread: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

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    G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    Online fraud is very common today and many has faced serious loss before. To make that more secure I had seen some news which talk about a online bankguard. Does this really work. I use Norton Internet Security and how this antivirus is different. Will it block the incoming virus and secure pc also. You know there are different products for different type of threats like Antimalware for stopping malware, antispyware for blocking spyware, etc. So flooding the entire system with each of this application can make the system performance super slow. I just want to know how this G Data BankGaurd will help users to say safer while carrying online transaction.

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    Re: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    G Data BankGuard Antivirus is a dedicated antivirus which only keep a eye on your safety when you are carrying out online transaction. There are two edition one is personal and one is for business purpose. The company come up with an idea of protection your online safety. The doubt is common when it comes in your mind that should I go for a separate antivirus for more safety if already I am using one. Due to tons of product in the market this becomes sometime very agitating to find the right one. What I found reading about G Data BankGuard that it is simply to use and it scans your system utilization. There is a cloud based support provided to this antivirus which keeps a watch on day to day threats so that they can be avoided before you are attacked. The antivirus tends to use the lowest system resources and give you the best out of it. I had not found any proper information on this antivirus which says that why this antivirus is secure for online transaction.

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    Re: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    This antivirus is equipped to fight against phishing attack. There is a similar feature which is also available in other antivirus also. But they are resource intensive. I think you can give a try. There is a trail version of this antivirus on the official website. Download the same and just run a trial then check back what you liked and what not. Relying on a new antivirus which is not so popular in web can be a bit risky in thinking. Anyhow there is no reduction in malware or Trojan attacks which appear day to day and hackers are finding more better way to create impact. So it is necessary that you choose the right steps. Banking transaction are filled steps fo payments and legitimate transactions which can be backed for intentional purpose. So G Data BankGuard here is made to deal those kind of attacks. The antivirus silently scans the activity on your system and warn you about phishing sites. It is not necessary to get rid of your current antivirus. Install G Data BankGuard with your existing antivirus and it works smoothly. The antivirus is equipped with nice algorithm to block the attacks. Here when this antivirus is active in the backend the system will not respond on virus ping. It is equipped to deal with all kind of trojans which are meant to attack banking transactions only.

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    Re: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    I do not really think that going for separate antivirus for banking only would be great. Any popular internet security tool is more than enough for your full protection. There are number of internet security tools which are found widely on web. You can try any of them and use the one which uses lowest system resources. G Data BankGuard is just another kind of addition in the list. Forever it is advice not to carry such transaction in public places and use a updated antivirus program always.

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    Re: G Data BankGuard Antivirus for online banking safety

    Hi all,

    Just to clarify what BankGuard really is.

    First of all it is not an Antivirus product.
    Antivirus solutions usually do not detect new banking Trojans until it is too late, since a corresponding signature is required for protection. Normal AV technology is most of the time too late to detect these as the lifetime of banking trojans is very short. This means that it is almost impossible to protect computers fully against current banking Trojans using previous security technologies including cloud technologies. With G Data BankGuard we have managed to develop a product that protects bank customers from this malware in real time. Our technology is completely signature-independent and is fully integrated(plugin) into the browser. Hence manipulations by banking Trojans are detected instantly and stopped automatically. G Data BankGuard is compatible with all other antivirus solutions on the market and is already an integral part of the current G Data security generation 2013, as well as the consumer line up of 2012. BankGuard is also available as a seperate product to help people out with other security or anti-virus products.

    In short this product protects proactively against Man-in-the-Browser attacks. Manipulations by MitB's take place in specific files in the random access memory. G Data BankGuard automatically detects attempted infections and replaces the compromised memory area with a safe copy. So it is able to block the attack, remove these trojans and let you safely continue with your online transaction. Thanks to intelligent algorithms, the application does not depend on virus signatures and thus offers effective protection even against attacks from brand new Trojans and even others which are using the same mechanism.
    Included with the software is also a phishing filter.
    The technology is patent pending and is easy to install without configuration.

    Kind Regards,
    Eddy Willems
    Security Evangelist G Data Software

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