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Thread: Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

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    Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

    Whenever I use, Internet Explorer, I get a notification of an cookie which is of suspicious nature according to installed AVG anti-virus. It gives me 2 options, one is to go to the file and check it out for you, 2nd is to create exception to the file and last is to create an exception. I chose to check it out myself, but when AVG opened the folder that contained the specified cookie, the folder was empty. How do I track the cookie to its proper location?

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    Re: Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

    I too tried tracking cookies as some were blacklisted by AVG in my system. If I try to open the cookie, directly, it opens the Internet Explorer. I think AVG itself must provide an option to delete the cookie. AVG should utilize Windows Explorer to open the cookie so one can delete them. Another problem is that warning pop ups of AVG come over the Windows Explorer, so until you don’t take any action you can’t do anything.

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    Re: Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

    I tried updating Windows hoping it to solve the problem. But it completely did what was unexpected and unwanted. It changed the naming system of cookies in my system. Now I uninstalled the updates and tried to revert back to old settings as they were before updates. I was successful but still the pop up window would come on top of other windows. Internet Explorer started to stall unexpectedly during use. Some of the options in Internet Explorer were disabled.

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    Re: Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

    You can try disabling detection of cookies. This will stop the pop-up from appearing. In options of AVG, you can disable the cookies, and then restart your computer. If still the problem of AVG detecting cookies in wrong folder persists, you can take screenshot of your situation and send it to customer support. They will surely help you.

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    Re: Tracking cookie in AVG anti-virus

    The unwanted or suspicious cookies will keep coming back in your system until you disable or uninstall the additional toolbars, spywares, add-ons and plug-ins. You can try to remove as much cookies possible manually. If some cookies fail to get deleted, you can try CCleaner. It will surely eradicate the cookies. But deleting all cookies can sometimes create problems while using certain trusted sites too.

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