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Thread: NOD32 Version 4.0 ISSUES? Some Privacy Related.

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    NOD32 Version 4.0 ISSUES? Some Privacy Related.

    I have started using NOD32 Version 4.0 and it is satisfying but there are some issues that needs to be fixed.
    • One cannot set scheduler/planner manually. If One removed the check than it says "Maximum protection is not ensured." There is a need of an option for setting update manually.
    • Watch Activity is resource hungry, there is no way by which one an turn it off.
    • Last file stays permanently logged in statistics, there is no option for shutting it down
    • One cannot set virus signature update server.
    • No desktop icon in the install for turning NOD32 off and on. I do see it in system tray but while updating virus signatures manually one cannot shut down the pop up.
    • NOD32 leaves turds in system temp folder after scanning SSL certificates.

    I just wish these issues and request to get fixed and implemented soon. If anyone here has anything to add in above than they are most welcomed.

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    Re: NOD32 Version 4.0 ISSUES? Some Privacy Related.

    I haven't used NOD32 by now but i have been using Vipre, i think that the things you are looking for in NOD32 is already there in Vipre. It has spyware/virus/firewall components and works great. If you want then you can check out its review first.

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