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Thread: Antivirus Master removal using Malwarebytes

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    Antivirus Master removal using Malwarebytes

    My colleague's laptop is infected with Antivirus Master. It has made the system too slow and now it looks complicated to get rid of the same. I started with running scan with Spyware Terminator. I had installed this and updated. But I was shock to find that it found nothing in the system. Later on I tried Malwarebytes. On reboot it found some infections only but due to some thing my internet is not working. I can't access anything.

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    It is a very complicated infection. You need to scan with a powerful antivirus to get rid of the same. For quick fix the best thing you can try is using a bootable antivirus scanner. It is capable of detecting virus and fix the same. As a fake antivirus software, this antivirus compromise your system security. The only last option available to remove this completely is formatting your system and installing fresh Windows. This fake antivirus has tons of files working in the system background which is not easy to trace. The dll file which is associated with this is setup.dll. And check below the list of .exe files. Terminate those processes if you and get rid of them.
    • AntivirusGolden.exe
    • Antivirusgolden 4.0.exe
    • Antivirusgolden 3.8.exe
    • Antivirusgold 4.1.exe
    • Antivirus-Golden.exe
    • setup.dll
    • PWA.exe
    • install_4683_MHwyN3wwfHx8fHx8fHw_[1].exe
    • install_4683_MHwzNXwwfHx8fHx8fHw_[1].exe
    • avm1.dat
    • avm.cpl
    • avm.exe
    • avm0.dat

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    Re: Antivirus Master removal using Malwarebytes

    Why would you have more than one security program in the first place?
    You never know what will happen but then again I don't think many people believe in installing more than one anti-virus program per computer. Just delete them all but one!
    It takes up a lot of your ram. You only need about one antivirus program, just make it a program that runs from the time you start your computer untill you shut it down. A program like this is one that you will have to purchase.
    instead of using multi anti virus and other security tools i would suggest be aware about spyware maleware and other malicious files Use any one good Anti-virus as you mentioned you are using lots of antispywares antivirus etc , using multiple AV can be result of false virus warnings and alerts conflicts and it will also consume your memory.
    PC Health Advisor is exactly what you need security program, brings together high quality tools in one comprehensive program.

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    Re: Antivirus Master removal using Malwarebytes

    There is no way to get rid of it completely. This is a fake antivirus and if it once enter your system you need to format it. It is quiet complicated to locate all those files. Your system will get slower time by time. Take necessary backup of your important files first and then only go for the formatting. Or else you would loose everything.

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