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Thread: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

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    Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    I have an old system and recently bought a new Antec 750W power supply. I am looking for the best budget case available for my computer build. I am at a tight buget and want something in between $60 or $70 only. I have found 2 case namely Antec One and Antec Three Hundred Two that are coming in my budget. I want to know which one among these 2 case would be better? Also if any other case that comes within this price range then do let me know. Thanks

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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    Both case that you have listed seems to be good, however, if I were you then I would go for Antec One case that looks solid. Just in case if you want then you can also add a 120mm fan at the side to give good air flow to the graphics card as well. This setup would be not more than $60 budget that you can expect. Also, note that you can put a maximum of 10.5-inch graphics card in the Antec One case also.

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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    I will suggest you to go with the Antec Three Hundred Two because it is a better case for the most powerful system. There are ample of fans option provided in this case. Also check out some good deals on Newegg website, once in a while they sell similar kind of computer cases for as much as low cost of $40. It was no doubt a good deal because the case also had 4 fans inside of it. Hope this helps you out.

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    Re: Antec Three Hundred Two vs Antec One case

    Go for the Antec Three Hundred Two Black Steel which would cost you only $67, which is also in your budget. There is no doubt that it is a wonderful case that comes with smooth and flat design in the front. The air flow inside the case is pretty decent as well. It is very sturdy and has lots of room inside, you can easily install components. There are no flashy lights or similar things either. The case is also very lightweight.

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