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Thread: need help connecting Antec HCG-750M psu

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    need help connecting Antec HCG-750M psu

    I have recently purcahsed an Antec HCG-750M PSU and I am not quite sure how to connect the cable on the motherboard and anywhere else. I am having 2 SSD's, graphics card with 6-pin connector, a motherboard with 8 pin ATX12V and 24 pin EATX12V connector. There is also a molex cable for the cabinet fan. I want to know how do I connect all the cable to the proper connector on the power supply and the system doesnt show any shutdown problems or anything else. Please guide me. Thanks

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    Re: need help connecting Antec HCG-750M psu

    The Antec HCG-750M power supply has +12v rail that can deliver upto 40 AMPS with a maximum combined +12V current rating of 62.5 AMPS, so there wont be any issues with your configuration, you will have ample of power outage. There is other 20+4 pin ATX motherboard power connector which runs on +12V1 where else the other 4+4 power connector is on +12V2. Can you tell us what is the CPU that you are using?

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    Re: need help connecting Antec HCG-750M psu

    You will need to connect the 24 pin connector to the motherboard, you can see that as the largest connector on the PSU. After that connect the 12V power to the motherboard. You might be having a new motherboard so, connect the 8 pin connector on the motherboard which powers the processor as well. After that connect the graphics card which will require either the 6 pin or 8 pin connectors. Now connect your hard drives, mostly it might be Sata based which are connected to the thing plugs.

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    Re: need help connecting Antec HCG-750M psu

    After plugging every connector, you should try to boot the pc. If everything is well connected then it will take you to the BIOS screen and here you will need to keep in handy the Windows or Linux Operating system whcih you want to install. If the computer doesnt boot at all then check the LED on the motherboard if it is showing any error codes and search it on the net. Based on the error you will find out what wrong configurations have you done.

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