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Thread: Antec VP450 for HD 7850

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    Antec VP450 for HD 7850

    I have a very old Antec VP450 Power Supply which comes with 18amps on 2x12v rails. I am getting a second hand HD 7850 graphics card from my friend so I was thinking if this PSU will be able to handle this video card without any issues. I also got a Intel i3-4150 CPU running in my system so I dont think there will be any issues related to bottleneck with the processor. Along with this I have a 6GB DDR3 RAM installed. So, will the PSU suffice or should i buy a new one? Thanks

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    Re: Antec VP450 for HD 7850

    Well, I think that if you are going to play new games like Dying Light or Far Cry 4 then the CPU might bottleneck a little. But with Antec VP450 power supply, it will work for a HD 7850 graphics card. Note that if you will be overclocking then it might not be enough though. I would also not be too much comfortable with that PSU for a long run. The PSU seems to be good within the range to support the power output but a slighlty little more power wattage PSU will give you long run benefit.

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    Re: Antec VP450 for HD 7850

    I am having an old system that is running with an 430W Power Supply which is giving power to a HD 6950 graphics card and I am able to play Battlefield game on max settings. Normally, it depends on the other hardware components you have in your pc as well. Also the Antec VP450 power supply only has a single 6-pin PCIe connector, so if you would want to upgrade your graphics card later then you will require atleast 2 pcie connector.

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    Re: Antec VP450 for HD 7850

    I also think that the HD 7850 card requires 2 PCIE pin connectors and the Antec VP450 Power Supply only has one. On the HIS radeon website, it is stated that this similar model card requires atleast 500W power supply. However with the additional components in the computer I would grab a 600W psu for sure. I would recommend you to buy a Corsair Builder Series Cx600 which will cost you only $80 or so.

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