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Thread: Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

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    Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

    I am using a pretty old HD 4870 graphics card and I am not able to play all latest games like Assassins Creed Unity or Far Cry 4 at high settings. Even on very low settings the game lags like hell. Sometime there is also problem related to crashing. So, I was thinking to upgrade to the new Geforce GTX 970 video card. I know that I will have to remove the old AMD graphics drivers completely and then install the GTX 970 and install its driver. But I was wondering if my Antec VP650P power supply would be able to handle this video card? Any ideas

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    Re: Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

    After checking the technical specifications of GTX 970 graphics card it seems that it requires only 500Watts of power supply, so indeed the Antec VP650P psu would be more than enough for this card. But what about all other specs that you have in your computer build, which processor do you have to be precise? If it is a quad core or a dual core processor then let me tell you that buying this graphics card wont be a good idea because it will be bottleneck and game will be lagging for you.

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    Re: Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

    The Antec VP650P power supply is similar to a Corsair CX model, so it will be fine to use it for office purpose or little gaming at stock speeds. But if you consider to overclock your CPU or GPU then you will need to buy a decent power supply like the modular ones with 550Watt would be more than enough for GTX 970 and Intel i5 processor. If you do not intend to overclock then go use your Antec psu which wont be any trouble for you.

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    Re: Antec VP650P power supply enough for GTX 970

    I would suggest you to go for the XFX TS Series P1550SXXB9 550W Power Supply which will cost you only $65.75. I have been using this psu with my GTX 960 without any issues. I also purchased it with a discount code on newegg website. This PSU is able to power everything that is build inside my case and till now it has remained steady as well. The fan used on this psu is also nice and remains pretty silent.

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