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Thread: Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

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    Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

    At this moment I am having a very old graphics card which is not good enough to play recent games. My computer can barely run Battlefield 4 on low settings which gives me only 20-40fps. I was wondering if I change my graphics card to HD 7870 and also change the CPU to FX-6300 then will my current Antec High Current Gamer 750Watt power supply would be able to handle all this things? Thanks for any information in advance.

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    Re: Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

    As per the technical specifications of the HD 7870 graphics card you will require atleast 23 amps on the 12v+ rail and a 500 watt power supply with 2 x 6 pin PCIe power connections. So, the Antec HCG 750W will not be enough for running a sole graphics card as well as the other hardware's like CPU of FX-6300. You will most probably have to buy atleast a 500Watt power supply for enough supply of the voltage.

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    Re: Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

    After checking the specs of Antec HCG 400 watt power supply, it seems that the psu has only 1 x 6 pin PCIE cable and the HD 7870 requires atleast 2 x 6 pin PCIE connection. So the current PSU will be not enough for the new graphics card as well as the CPU. It will be better that you go with a new power supply for the new GPU. If your current CPU is quad core, then it will be enough to play all games at low settings without much FPS drops, later on when you have the money then go for a new CPU.

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    Re: Antec HCG 400W for HD 7870

    Yes, go with the Antec HCG M Series HCG-520M 520W which will cost you only $80. It comes with 2 x 6+2 pin connectors and has more than enough connectors for the 8 Sata devices. You can also use the AMD FX-6300 CPU to boost your gaming experience with this power supply since it has ample of voltages to supply power to other hardwares. However in future if you want to use 2 graphics card together then you will need to buy a high voltage PSU.

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