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Thread: Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

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    Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

    I recently purchased a new Antec EA-750 power supply for my system that is running with Haswell processor. When I was trying to connect all the peripherals than I noticed that the PSU is not compatible with my Haswell processor. There seems to be only 4 pins for +12v rails and some Molex with 8 pin +12v connector. There was a one to 4pin but I dont know if that will work. So, can anyone tell me if there is any chance to get the PSU to work with the CPU? Thanks

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    Re: Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

    It is really sad to look at your problem. However, I think that there might be a 4pin to 8pin CPU adaptors and you only require to run it with only 4 though as long as you are not planning to overclock the CPU. You can even try to disable deep sleep options that you might be fine with that power supply but I cannot be sure about it. So, if you plan to overclock the CPU then you will have to purchase a better PSU.

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    Re: Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

    If you are looking to buy a power supply then I always and only suggest Seasonic PSUs or else brands that they make power supplies for like Corsairs or XFX. I think that you need to get a less wattage PSU than you are betting. You can try to get an Antec EA-650W psu which is fully compatible with any Haswell processor. It will still have more than enough power than you think.

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    Re: Antec EA-750 not compatible with Haswell processor

    As per Antec, the below Power Supply's are fully compatible with Haswell processor:
    • EarthWatts Platinum: EA-450, EA-550, EA-650
    • High Current Gamer M: HCG-520M, HCG-620M, HCG-750M, HCG-850M
    • TruePower Quattro: TPQ-850, TPQ-1000, TPQ-1200, TPQ-1200 OC
    • High Current Game: HCG-750, HCG-900
    • High Current Pro: HCP-750, HCP-850, HCP-1200
    • High Current Pro Platinum: HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-850 Platinum, HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-1300 Platinum
    • TruePower Gold: TP-550G, TP-650G
    • TruePower New: TP-550, TP-650, TP-750, TP750 Blue
    • VP: VP550P V2, VP650P V2, VP650PM
    • Signature: SG-650, SG-850
    • NeoEco C: Neo Eco 620C
    • VP F: VP550 F, VP630 F
    • EarthWatts Green: EA-650 Green

    Since you have recently purchased this Antec EA-750W PSU then ask the dealer to replace it with a Antec EA-650W PSU.

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