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Thread: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

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    Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    My old power supply died yesterday so now I am looking to purchase a good power supply which will power my gaming computer. I am running a Intel i7-core with 8gb RAM and GTX 780Ti graphics card on a Asus motherboard. Previously I was using a Seasonic 750Watt power supply which lasted for 4+ years till now. I have checked 2 PSUs namely Antec HCG-850W and Corsair HX-750W and both seems to be worth the money for what they offer? However, I want to know which would be the best one to grab. Thanks

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    Re: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    If you are looking for a power supply only between those 2 brands that you have mentioned then I would suggest you to go with the Corsair HX750 watt psu. However you can still go with the Seasonic X series if you would want. There is also another model with EVGA 2 which is quite similar to the Corsair psu and also cheaper than the same. You can just check out more information on the EVGA 2 which seems to score the highest than the PSU models that you have mentioned.

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    Re: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    I will recommend you to go with the Antec HCG-850W power supply because this is one the best units ever made by the manufacturer. This PSU had a 9.5 performance rating if you check its review on any website. The plus point is that you can even run 2 graphics card in SLI with ample of power still left for other devices connected to your system. You also get a 5 year warranty with the Antec HCG-850W psu with great performance as well.

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    Re: Antec HCG-850W vs Corsair HX-750W

    I have always liked the Antec PSUs and they are every worth the money invested. The best thing about Antec power supply is that they always perform as advertised without any problems. I have SLI'd my GTX 780 graphics card which are running very smoothly in my computer. About this Antec HCG-850W, they always come with longer cables being a modular power supply, remains quiet at full load and has good voltage levels as well.

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