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Thread: Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

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    Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

    I have been using the Corsair CS650M power supply by 4 years and now it is burned very bad. So, I was wondering whether I should go with the same Power Supply of Corsair or the Antec HCG-620M psu which is a Seasonic base model. I have checked the price for both the PSU and it seems like they have similar price tag but the Antec is 80 plus Gold instead of Bronze. There are also pretty good psu from Corsair but they are costing more. So, what do you think, which psu should I go for? Thanks

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    Re: Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

    If the Antec HCG-620M is coming in the same price that of your old Corsair power supply then it will be better to go with the Antec one. This Antec power supply is a modular one and it is the best that you can get. The noise of this PSU is not very loud and you get more like a low sound. The quality of Antec is also very good and it comes with more than enough wattage for any computer build with a single graphics card. It is a brilliant PSU and cannot go wrong in any ways.

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    Re: Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

    Since, Corsair CS650M Power Supply was able to provide you support for 4 years, then I would say that you should go with the same Corsair PSU only. Corsair is also a reliable brand and powerful enough to power your computer hardware's. It is a nice little modular power supply. My friend is using it on his MSI motherboard and it is working really well for him. He is using the PSU without any problems from last 4 years and it is also keeping everything running very solid.

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    Re: Antec HCG-620M vs Corsair CS650M Power Supply

    The Antec HCG-620M is a very nice Power Supply and a budget one as well. I will definitely suggest this power supply for any mid-range build but note that for budget builds this psu is a huge overkill. It has got so much of power and budget builds normally dont require aything more than 400W at the most. I think that a 300W psu will be plenty for a budget build. But note that incase you use 2 high end video cards then you will have to buy a powerful power supply above this Antec one.

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