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Thread: old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

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    old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

    I have an old PC that has Antec Earthwatt 500W power supply in it. The PSU is older than 3 years now. I was thinking to build a new computer with Haswell Processor along with HD 7000 series graphics card. So, I was wondering if I can use the old Antec Earthwatt 500W PSU for the Haswell processor and will it also support the graphics card? If not then what power supply do you suggest me to buy? Thanks for any help in advance.

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    Re: old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

    Below are some of the Antec Power Supplies that are fully compatible with Haswell processor:

    1. EarthWatts Green: EA-650 Green
    2. EarthWatts Platinum: EA-450, EA-550, EA-650
    3. High Current Game: HCG-750, HCG-900
    4. High Current Gamer M: HCG-520M, HCG-620M, HCG-750M, HCG-850M
    5. High Current Pro: HCP-750, HCP-850, HCP-1200
    6. High Current Pro Platinum: HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-850 Platinum, HCP-1000 Platinum, HCP-1300 Platinum
    7. NeoEco C: Neo Eco 620C
    8. Signature: SG-650, SG-850
    9. TruePower Gold: TP-550G, TP-650G
    10. TruePower New: TP-550, TP-650, TP-750, TP750 Blue
    11. TruePower Quattro: TPQ-850, TPQ-1000, TPQ-1200, TPQ-1200 OC
    12. VP: VP550P V2, VP650P V2, VP650PM
    13. VP F: VP550 F, VP630 F

    Below are some of the Antec PSUs that are not confirmed whether they support Haswell processor or not:
    1. BP: BP-350, BP430, BP500U, BP550 Plus rev 1
    2. EarthWatts Green: EA-350 Green, EA-430 Green, EA-500 Green, EA-750 Green
    3. High Current Game: HCG-400, HCG-520, HCG-620
    4. High Current Gamer M: HCG-400M
    5. NeoEco C: Neo Eco 400C, Neo Eco 450C, Neo Eco 520C
    6. VP: VP350P, VP450, VP450P, VP550P

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    Re: old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

    There is a new low power-state called C7 in the Haswell CPU's. When it was going to launch then there was a warning with this new C7 that it will use very little power which may cause the PSU to activate its undercurrent protection and hence shut down the computer. There are many people who are using the Haswell processor with their old power supply and they all dont have any issues with it. But if you get any of this problems then always remembed to turn of the C7 state by going int BIOS.

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    Re: old Antec Earthwatt 500W for Haswell processor

    Well, since you have already used the Antec Earthwatt 500W on an old system for more than 3 years, you can simply expect it to work for 1 years maximum I guess. You should also check the readings of the PSU in the hardware monitor. If anything is below 3.3v or 12.0v then it is time you should consider buying a new Power supply. Antec produces a quality power supply and since you are also using a graphics card so I would suggest you to go with a minimum of Antec EA-650 Green power supply.

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