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Thread: clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

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    clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

    I am having an Antec 750Watt Power Supply which was working fine from last 4 years. But from last month it started giving clicking sound and most of the time I can hear it but sometimes it will not give such sounds. I have checked that it is the power supply fan that is making the noise and nothing else. So, I was wondering whether it is time to change the power supply or is there something left out of it? Thanks

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    Re: clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

    Well, did you ensure that any wire in the cabinet is not getting caught up in the fan of the power supply and making the noise. It happens several times when you move your cabinet from one place to another then some loose wires get caught up in the PSU. So ensure and tie a all the wires inside your chasis with a thin cable or something and then test if you are still getting the same clicking sound or not.

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    Re: clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

    I think that you are having problems with a bad fan\bearing and you will need to replace it to get rid of the clicking noise. But first, try to disconnect the power cord to the PSU and then open the case and spin the power supply fan by your hands. Now can you notice any clicking sound or such or else if it is hitting something? You can try to apply a little bit of oil on the bearing or else replace it if you want.

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    Re: clicking sound from Antec Power Supply

    Since the Antec 750W Power Supply that you have is making clicking sound then it simply means that it is soon going to die and its time for you to replace the PSU. Check if the PSU is still under warranty, if it is then you can RMA it and get a new PSU for free. If it is not under warranty then I would ask you to purchase a new PSU, somethine like, Antec High Current Gamer 620W 80+ Bronze Certified Semi-Modular ATX Power Supply which will cost you only $80 from Amazon.

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