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Thread: GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

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    GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

    I have a Windows 7 64bit pc along with i7 core processor and Antec 500W power supply. I am using a HD 6770 and am now looking to upgrade the graphics card to GTX 560ti. I have read that this video card needs 500W power supply and I have a minimum Antec 500W power supply already. I wanted to know if this PSU will be enough or there will be problem running this card? Thanks for any replies.

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    Re: GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

    Can you tell us which model of the Antec 500W power supply do you have? There are many models of Antec PSU and most of them are just fine for GTX 560 series graphics card. Incase you have one of the oldest ones like, 3-5 year old psu, then I would be a little concerned. Normally, when it is said that its minimum requirement is 500w then it is generally a suggestion and it will work without any issues that I can think of.

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    Re: GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

    I am using one of the Antec EarthWatts EA-500D Green 500W PSU model for 3 years now and it has been doing good. Still this PSU runs very quietly and is very stable. You can also easily install it in your case. My computer usually stays put almost 24 hours in a day, I hardly shut it down at the time of software updates or such. I normally use my computer as a homeserver and it runs fine without any overheating as well.

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    Re: GTX 560ti with Antec 500W Power Supply

    Well, since its the minimum requirement I would ask you to get another PSU like Antec NeoECO C NeoECO 620C 620W because while gaming at full load you may face some problems with your setup. This PSU is build by SeaSonic and there are also plenty of cables supplied with it. It has a BB 120mm fan and runs very quietly.

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