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Thread: AMD FX-8350 in Antec Twelve Hundred

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    AMD FX-8350 in Antec Twelve Hundred

    I have recently purchased a new Amd FX-8350 processor which I am using right now in my Antec Twelve Hundred case. I have noticed that the temperature has risen up by 15% after using this processor in my cabinet? I have also kept the case open from one side to get enough air flow but still I am afraid that the temperature is going to be a pain in the coming days? Is there any solution for this problem? Thanks

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    Re: AMD FX-8350 in Antec Twelve Hundred

    What is the temperature you are getting after you installed the new CPU. Anything above 60C is somewhat a hot temperature and you will need to cut it down because it will definitely be rising in the future. Try to buy a new Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO which will only cost you $30 and it will be fine for cooling all the components inside your case.

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    Re: AMD FX-8350 in Antec Twelve Hundred

    If you are using a stock cooler then you better buy a new cooler that is suggested above in the post and it also comes very cheap. With the growing temperature the CPU life will shorten tremendously of your system unless you take steps to control it right away. Normally liquid cooler will be just fine for cooling off the components without making much noise.

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    Re: AMD FX-8350 in Antec Twelve Hundred

    Yes, if you purchase a Cooler Master Hyper 212 EVO then you are likely to benefit a temperature drop of 15C to 18C. Just try to use the perfect paste and application on it. The best thermal paste that you can go for would be a Arctic Silver 5 and after applying it you will definitely see a good result from your system.

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