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Thread: Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

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    Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

    I am soon planning to make a new gaming computer and for that I am looking for a good computer case that will fit all the length and height of the motherboard and the big graphics card of Nvidia. After searching a lot, I came across 2 cabinets - Antec 300 case and Antec 302. Both cabinets are looking good to me, but which one should I get among these 2 cabinets? If you have some other recommendations then please let me know about it as well. Thanks.

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    Re: Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

    Both the Antec cases that you have listed are on the smaller end of ATX cabinet range but both are having a good airflow and nice cable management. If you will check out the review then you will find out both are having great reviews. Apart from that both have some flaws also, like some Antec 302 case come with usb ports that are broken, so check this first incase you are getting it.

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    Re: Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

    I was using Antec 300 case and it was very good and very much quieter as well. I havent tested the Antec 302 but the reviews for it are good. The fans on this Antec 300 case is also not so loud and at their lowest setting you will hardly hear anything. There is a fan of 140mm on the top of this cabinet which is quite good for cooling the system.

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    Re: Antec 300 case vs Antec 302 case for gaming

    I was having the Antec 300 case and its just fine but you can face some problems related to cable management. If you get larger motherboards then it will not fit and video cards anything above 11inches are not fit for this case. You can expect a good cooling from this case since there are some nice fans included in it. Since Three Hundred Series Cases are in the budget category so you cant expect more from it.

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