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Thread: Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

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    Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

    I have recently purchased a Asrock 880GM-LE motherboard with Amd FX 8350 processor. I built this computer rig in an old Antec Aria case that had 300W power supply as well. Everything worked great for some days but now when I am trying to turn on the pc, then I am getting black sreen after boot and it will stay on there forever. So does this means that there is some power issues with the PSU or the board and cpu?
    Thanks for any help.

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    Re: Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

    Yes, you can try to get a new Power Supply and it will definitely work out for you. Also, since you have told that this PSU might be old then it could be having issues with running the hardware components only with 300 watts power. And the processor that you have got might require good amount of power to work properly, so consider buying atleast a 550W PSU.

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    Re: Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

    Even if you buy the CORSAIR Builder Series CX430 430W ATX12V v2.3 80 PLUS BRONZE Certified Active PFC Power Supply, then it will be enough for the system build that you are running. This power supply runs cool and quiet and can also power the HTPC build easily. It will power your decently sized box and is also very easy to install with not huge problems.

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    Re: Antec Aria case with a 300w PSU problem

    It looks to me that in Aria case you get a in-built Power Supply and replacing it is very difficult unless you can do so mod in your caomputer case. It would be best that you should consider buying another cabinet and power supply which will be a cheaper solution for you. Also the minimum required PSU for AMD-fx 8350 processor is 500W if you are going to add graphics card to your setup.

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