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Thread: Antec VP450P vs SeaSonic 430W

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    Antec VP450P vs SeaSonic 430W

    I am looking to change my old Power Supply which was only 400W. After digging up on different websites, I have come with the conclusion on 2 power supplies, namely Antec VP450P and SeaSonic S12II 430 power supply. Antec is coming at a cheaper rate where else SeaSonic is costing a little bit more. I am using a i5 core processor with HD 6870 graphics card on a Asus motherboard and I hope that these PSUs will be fine for this setup. Thanks.

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    Re: Antec VP450P vs SeaSonic 430W

    I would suggest you to go with SeaSonic S12II 430W Power Supply which is bronze plus and a very superb psu. The only sad part is the looks but the advantage of having this psu is that it has a better power efficiency and it will also give good power to all the components in your computer build. There is no point going for saving a little bit of amount if you are getting the best psu.

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    Re: Antec VP450P vs SeaSonic 430W

    You should never go with a cheap Power Supply unless you are using a power light computer system. Incase you are using your computer for gaming and other things that will use a good amount of powe then Antec VP450P wouldnt be a bad choice either. It comes at a budget price that is recommended by many users and there are also very positive review made on this product.

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    Re: Antec VP450P vs SeaSonic 430W

    There is no doubt that Seasonic is the best power supply in comparison even though it is very expensive but if you got the budget then you should definitely go with it. The SeaSonic 430W power supply has a higher quality part and comes with a better built quality and is more efficient than any other power supply. It is always recommended to go with the best psu that is in your budget.

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