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Thread: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

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    Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    I am looking to build a new computer and I am not able to make my mind for which cabinet among these two should I go for, either Corsair 300R or Antec 300 2 cabinet? I am looking to go for the Antec Three Hundred Two because it is coming at the same price as the Corsair and also it looks cool in comparison. But for other things like air flow or cable management I dont know which one to go for? Can anyone please help me out choosing one cabinet? Thanks

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    Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Well, I am having the Antec 300 2 cabinet for HTPC and this cabinate is very solid with thick steel and cheap as well. The previous case that I was having was not able more than 1 3.5" hard drive and I wanted to use atleast 4-5 hard drives. After going to a bigger case like Antec 300 2, I was satisfied and it also has lots of room with proper cable management support as well.

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    Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Corsair 300R doesnt have a good build quality like the Antec 300 2. So you should definitely go for the Antec 300 2 even though both cases have good cable management options. You wont be able to face any kind of issues to install any type of hardware in Antec Three Hundred Two Case. Also, the antec case has good looks and it is kind of stylist as well.

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    Re: Corsair 300R or Antec Three Hundred Two Case

    Antec Three Hundred Two case accepts ATX, micro-ATX and mini-ITX motherboards quite easily. With its perforated front panel and the integration of two "TwoCool" fans (120 and 140 mm plus four option slots), this case is intended for massive air cooling. There is room for eight expansion ports and up to three graphics cards with a maximum length of 318 mm. It is also equipped with washable dust filters. It is built for effective cable management with 3cm thick plate behind the motherboard, which also reveals a large cut to allow access without harm to the backplate of the CPU cooler. You can easily get Antec 300 2 for a price of US$ 74.99.

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