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Thread: upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

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    upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

    I have recently bought an Antec P280 cabinet for my system and I am looking for the best and quiet case fan that should be about 120mm in size for this case. I want to install this fan inside the case in front actually. In the future I will also like to upgrade the other fans if the inbuilt fans are not much of a delight. So, can anyone tell me which 120mm fan to go for the Antec or will I get some other better model? Thanks.

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    Re: upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

    You can try to go with Xigmatek AOS (Aeronautical Oil System Bearing) XAF-F1255 120MM PWM Fan with Copper Bushing Axis Black Blade White LED that will cost you $16 approx. It is a quite cabinet fan and will be a good choice for your Antect case. It also has an Aeronautical Oil System Bearing and rotates @ 1000~1800 RPM.

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    Re: upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

    Have you checked out the COUGAR CF-V14HB Vortex Hydro-Dynamic-Bearing (Fluid) 300,000 Hours 14CM Silent Cooling Fan (Black)? This Cougar fan rotating at 1000Rpm gives good airflow from my Antec case's inbuilt fan and also runs at normal noise level that can be set to low as well. Usually when I turn on my computer then it rotates at full blast for 5 seconds but later on subsides when the computer boots to Windows and runs normally. But if you want to use them at the top of the cabinet then it is going to make some grinding noise which seems to be a known problems with this fans.

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    Re: upgrade cabinet fan for Antec P280

    You can also go with Cougar Vortex PWM CF-V12HP 120mm fan that uses the "Hydro-Dynamic Bearing" technology that reduces friction. And this technology reduces noise but also increases the life span of the fan. You will get an efficient cooling of your case with a specific "Diversion Groove Blade" design, which concentrates the airflow (instead of scattering) for more efficient cooling. The anti-vibration allows easy installation and ensures a perfect silence.

    Below are its main Features:
    1. Case fan 120 mm
    2. 9 "Diversion Groove Blade" offers efficient ventilation with a centralized air flow
    3. Aerodynamic design to optimize airflow and quiet operation
    4. HDB technology "Hydro-Dynamic Bearing" with a long life (about 300,000 hours)
    5. PWM (4-pin connector for the motherboard) function - 800-1500 RPM
    6. Fixing system without screws and anti-vibration

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