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Thread: Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

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    Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

    I recently bought new Antec Kühler H2O 620 and installed it on my pc, but after the computer starts to boot then it says that no cpu fan error? Can anyone tell me how to solve this problem. I can see that it is working and I am getting idle temperature of 20 C, but why this error is showing up I dont understand? Can anyone please help? Thanks.

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    Re: Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

    Did you check that the CPU fan is enabled in the BIOS or not? If it is not, then you are suppose to get that error, so just try to enable it and see if it solves the problem. Also you need to put the 3 pin connection on the cpu_fan incase you have put it to the PWR_Fan slot, it is very easy to swap the 3 pin to the other without any issue.

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    Re: Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

    You can try to disable the cpu fan error incase you had an actual watercooling loop, you should not have anything plugged in, check in the BIOS settng to disable it. This problem also happens from the desktop software, and not the motherboard. So, the best bet would be to go into BIOS and turn CPU fan to full. Incase the CPU fan is on auto in Bios then you wont get enough volts to get this Kuhlers fans to rotate at its idle state.

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    Re: Antec 620 - no cpu fan error

    Even I was facing similar kind of issues when I installed Antec 620 liquid cooling system. It was not able to plug into the CPU fan on the motherboard but it was actually plugged into the case fan instead. So what I did to solve the issue was I went into the BIOS settings and then into Power Management. Here we can see the CPU might be showing currently "n/a", just change this to disable and it will fix the problem for you.

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