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Thread: HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

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    HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    I am facing problem with password sync on Windows Server. I am trying to sync the password from Domain A to Domain B. The are local domain which lies inside the same network. The mail and file server is configured on the first domain while the ERP system lies on the second one. Now when one user changes its password in the one domain how to that will be automatically updated in the second one.

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    I do not think this is possible. There might be some way but I found this a bit complicated. I am also looking for some similar solution. But my problem is different. I am trying to find some KB articles on this which can give a more appropriate solution. I checked inside the settings, there is no sync or auto update feature available that would really work.

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    Re: HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    I think that you have to define one or more to join rules on your AD MA for domain B that tells ILM on how to guess which metaverse object the AD object shall be connected to. When you add one or more join rules, then a full synchronization will apply the join rules and will deprovision the duplicate connectors which is queued.

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    Re: HowTo sync user password from domain A to domain B

    You will need to enter a valid user credential with user name and password that is having read permission in the domain controller. Incase you would like to import users from multiple domains then you can enter the username as <DomainName>\<username>, like for instance, if you would like to import Domain A users by giving Domain B username and password then you will have to enter the username as <DOMAIN B>\username.

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