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Thread: Home drives not mapping to the correct paths

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    Home drives not mapping to the correct paths

    Last week I replaced an old Windows 2000 server with a 2003 server and moved all the user shares to DFS shares. I have also updated all users Home drive settings in AD users and computers to point to the new locations. The issue that I am facing is now our XP users home drives do not map properly upon login. All the users are set to map Z: to: \\domain.lan\shares\users\%username%. But the Z: drive maps to \\domain.lan\shares. When I am having the users disconnect the Z: drive then log back in, it will fix the issue but that only fixed it for the day, the next day everyone was having the same issue again. So, is there any proper solution for this problem? Thanks.

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    Re: Home drives not mapping to the correct paths

    Have you ensured that the data and permissions are replicated properly? When you are going to \\domain.lan\shares then what happens, are you able to see all the data? Also let us know like how many servers are in the root?

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    Can you try to enable your GP setting always wait for network, which is located in Computer Configuration >> Administrative Templates >> System >> Logon.

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    Had this too

    I experienced this or simmilar in the end i wrote a vbs logon script in AD for all users..

    So if the drive wasnt mapped after the script ran it was.!

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    Re: Home drives not mapping to the correct paths

    First try using GPO to enforce proper DNS settings under Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Network/DNS Client. Remove the Net Use command from the login script. You may use folder redirection in Group Policy, or in Active Directory under profile. After that I will try to delete the existing drive mapping while logged in as the user, open command prompt and run GPUPDATE /force like Bob suggested, and then reboot. If you still have issues after this you may explode, then regain composure and upgrade your Server OS.

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