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Thread: 2003 Terminal Server on Active Directory Domain Controller

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    2003 Terminal Server on Active Directory Domain Controller

    I wanted to know whether a Windows 2003 Terminal Server also can be a domain controller? There is 1 setup with me, but if we try to login to terminal server, then it says that "To logon to this Remote Computer, you must have Terminal Services users access permission, the user must be a member of the Remote Desktop Users Group". I am not using any Remote Desktop Users Group since it is a domain controller, not a member server, so we are not able to get to the local groups. Incase the user is in the admin group, then it will work and when we take them out, we get the same message. Please help.

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    The Remote Desktop Users group does exist on the Windows Server 2003 based Domain Controllers, since its one of the built-in Security Domain Local groups. But I would like to recommend you against using a domain controllers in this manner.

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