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Thread: Cannot search newly created shared printers

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    Cannot search newly created shared printers

    I am having a printer server on my network. The printer is accessible to all. Later on I added one more printer and it is configured on the same settings. But it looks like that client workstations are not able to detect it. It is a bit annoying to find that the new printer is facing issue with sharing. I had done all settings properly. There are few number of in different places which are unable to find the same. Can anyone tell me how to fix it.

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    Try to share it again. First remove the printer from sharing. Just put everything to default. Then share the same once again and check back. I am sure you will be able to get appropriate output. The printer is only not visible if you had configure different group for it. You will have to add the users to that group to provide them printer access.

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    Just check that the print services are working fine on the your network. Check on those client system as well. If there is a problem with print service the printer may not function really well. I am giving you a link of document that has ample of information on your problem. Go through it in detail and then check back. I am sure you will be able to get solution for your problem.

    Print Services

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