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Thread: Rename active directory user

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    Rename active directory user

    I’m in a very strange problem. Actually one of my user has recently changed his name due to some personal reasons and hence I need to make the required changes in my domain as well. Before doing the same I have two questions on this, first does the change will put some impact on accessing exchange mail account? Secondly will just changing the last name of for this individual will work?

    What I need here is just changing his last name and there should not be any impact on accessing the mail. Also there should be no permission issues in accessing other files or folders. If it is possible, please let me know how?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Rename active directory user

    Yes, you can simply change the last name by right clicking on the user account and hit "rename". But if you need to change her/his logon account as well on the domain then you will need to add email addresses on his/her account. This will help the user to receive email with her former name.

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