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Thread: LDAP user authentication error with VBScript from ASP

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    LDAP user authentication error with VBScript from ASP

    I am using a ASP page that allows different users to access via AD. But somehow the code stopped working. There is a error on the screen. The error number is 8007054b. I went on the web to find out relative information on the same but not able to find anything related to that. I am having one of Asp application that works fine for the same process. I am not able to find the actual cause of failure. I had posted the code below.
    strDomainUser = strDomain & "\" & strUserId
    Set objRootDSE = GetObject("LDAP://rootDSE")
    strADSPath = objRootDSE.Get("rootDomainNamingContext")
    Set objDSObj = GetObject("LDAP:")
    Set objAuth = objDSObj.OpenDSObject("LDAP://" & strADSPath,
    strDomainUser, strPassword, 1)

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    The error mostly means that your system is not able to contact the domain. this happens when there is very low information available in ADSI. You will need to bind the directory on fist call and then see it is working for not. ADSI here tries to pick up the domain and then it many not popup any issue.

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    Re: LDAP user authentication error with VBScript from ASP

    You will have to find out the actual error message first. On the basis of that only it it possible to find a proper solution. Like Authentication Failed message it means the login details which you are trying are not proper. In the same way some get Server Unavailable message which is different. In this you have to checkout your dns information. You have to verify that it is proper or not. So first try to locate what is the actual error you are getting and on that basis only it is possible to troubleshoot the issue.

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    Re: LDAP user authentication error with VBScript from ASP

    Things you can do is checkout LDAP configuration parameters. There is a log file which has all the detail information you require to troubleshoot the problem. So you have to see that again. That will give you more information. Some internal file or service is unstable due to which you are getting error. After making changes you can run Test LDAP. This tool is nice to find out whether it is working proper or not. You can also use LDAP Explorer Tool for more advance benefits.

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