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Thread: AD fails to authenticate some computer accounts

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    Tom Guest

    AD fails to authenticate some computer accounts

    I have a problem where our AD randomly fails to authenticate some computer
    accounts. When the user attempts to logon to their system and a domain
    controller is available they are given an error message, when I check the
    event logs on the DC the following error is logged: Source NETLOGON Event ID:
    The session setup from the computer Computername failed to authenticate. The
    following error occurred:
    Access is denied.
    Also I get an Event ID 5723
    The session setup from computer 'computer name' failed because the security
    database does not contain a trust account 'computername$' referenced by the
    specified computer.

    When I remove the computers from the domain and rejoin the problem goes
    away. Why would the AD suddenly not recognize a computer account? This
    happens pretty frequently and the only fix seems to be to rejoin the domain.
    Is there some security setting that could cause this?

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    Danny Sanders Guest

    Re: AD fails to authenticate some computer accounts

    Are these always the same computers that experience this?

    If so it might be that the computer accounts themselves are corrupt. You can
    test by removing the computer from the domain, delete the computer account,
    then add the computer back to the domain and let the computer account be

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    Tom Guest

    Re: AD fails to authenticate some computer accounts

    Thanks for the reply, its not always the same computer's that have the
    problem, it seems random, perhaps it is just that some accounts are corrupt
    but I am not sure why they would get corrupted.

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    Danny Sanders Guest
    By chance are you using F-Secure Anti-Virus version 5.3 on Windows XP?

    Also what is the error listed in the "data" field of that event ID?

    No, we use Trend Micro virus scanning, the data in the errors is as follows
    0000: 22 00 00 c0

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    Re: AD fails to authenticate some computer accounts

    I'm facing the same problem specially after installing windows 2008 as AD in exiting 2003 environment does anyone can help me to solve this problem

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