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Thread: LASS.EXE Security Account Manager initialization failed

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    Mauri_63 Guest

    LASS.EXE Security Account Manager initialization failed

    I have 2 server, the first PDC windows 2003 server, and the second BDC
    windows 2000 server.

    Yesterday after installation of a windows update on both servers i
    restarted both the servers, but the BDC windows 2000 server visualizes
    a window with the following message:

    "Security Account Manager initialization failed because of the
    error: Directory Service cannot start. Error Status: 0xc00002e1.
    click OK to shutdown the system and reboot into Directory Services
    Restore Mode, check the event log for more detailed information."

    I tried with the instuction published in the article:, but the problem isn't

    Someone has an idea?

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    ctvader Guest
    Do you have a system state backup of the domain controllers?

    Can you start the DC in DSRM?
    several options:
    1 - You can try to recover from Backup.
    2 - You can try to repair the DB in DSRM mode.
    3 - You can force the demotion of that DC, perform metadata cleanup a nd
    re-add again to the Domain as additional DC.

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    Joseph M Paineitala Guest


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    Meinolf Weber [MVP-DS] Guest

    Re: 0xc00002e1

    What exactly did you try? All steps are done without any positive result,
    if i understand you correct? Then you should follow as stated in the article
    to contact either MS support or install the problem DC from scratch.

    And if you are not able to demote it correct, follow this article to cleanup
    AD database on the other existing DC:

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    Paul Bergson [MVP-DS] Guest

    Re: 0xc00002e1

    I agree with Meinolf. My guess is you don't have a lot of AD experience. I
    would suggest you demote this dc and repromote it.

    If you loose a dc you need to use ntdsutil and seize the 5 fsmo roles as
    well as clean up the metadata within AD.

    Run the following on another dc's command prompt
    netdom query fsmo

    This will tell you if any of the roles was on the lost dc.

    Metadata cleanup

    Seize roles;en-us;255504

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