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Thread: Sync Active Directory with openldap

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    Sync Active Directory with openldap

    I need some help here to sync Active Directory with Open LDAP. I tried to do that on a friends instructions but it did not worked. I am looking for a proper guide that can really tell me how to use the same. Also I am looking for an automated process of the same that really works well for the Sync process.

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    Unfortunately there is no such process available. Even if you try the web to find out relative steps you will find anything. There is no mechanism available that can help you to use Sync Active Directory with OpenLDAP. I am also looking for the same. I had asked the same question at number of places but everywhere people had told the same things.

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    That is due to incompatibility. You cannot work on the same. There is no replication mechanism available. I am trying to find a third party tool that can help us to to do the same. I am quiet sure that there many be some separate software available which can allow use to do this. There are tons of similar queries on web but none of them offer you appropriate information.

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