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Thread: Adding to the "replicate to" in NTDS settings

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    Adding to the "replicate to" in NTDS settings

    Helli, I’m running an Active Directory. When checked its Sites and Service, in the properties of NTDS settings Properties I found a connection tab where in the bottom section there is a Replicate to: field. I don’t have nay problem with this but I would like to know whether is it possible to add some more entries in this section manually? If yes, please let me know how?

    Thank you.

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    Re: Adding to the "replicate to" in NTDS settings

    Yes, is it possible to manually add connects in Active Directory Users and Computers by simply right clicking > new connection. But I don’t what reason you have to do so in a properly functioning domain-forest. Usually the reason for doing this use to be setting up the Sites, Subnets, DC assignments to sites, or SiteLinks incorrectly. So you should have posted the reason as well to why do you want to do so. Why do you wish to manually create a connection?

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    Re: Adding to the "replicate to" in NTDS settings

    Thanks for your reply Kenyon. Ok, so here is the reason why i want to do that:

    Domain Controllers
    all reside at different sites.

    dc1 site has vpn to dc2 and dc3

    but dc2 doesnt have vpn to dc3

    in the connections dc2 is set to replicate from dc1 and set to
    replicate to dc3. Well dc2 cant replicate to dc3 so any changes to AD made on dc2 never get propagated to dc1 or dc3

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    Re: Adding to the "replicate to" in NTDS settings

    Actually DC2 can possibly replicated to 3 if your are fully routed through the 1-Site. Unless that isn't working or you have filters to stop these DCs specifically they CAN replicate, but it would likely be inefficient.

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