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Thread: AD problem in Server 2003, Userenv Event ID 1053 problem

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    AD problem in Server 2003, Userenv Event ID 1053 problem

    I am facing issue with some client network. Things were working well here but somehow it look there is a problem with userenv. The error keeps on appearing and does not goes back. I went into event log and found a series of error in the same. Also I found that a new error keeps on generating after every 5 minutes. The log is pasted below. I had not done any recent changes in the system which would have cause this issue.
    Event Type:	Error
    Event Source:	Userenv
    Event Category:	None
    Event ID:	1053
    Date:		5/2/2006
    Time:		11:02:33 PM
    Description: Windows cannot determine the user or computer name. (Not enough storage is available to complete this operation. ). Group Policy processing aborted.

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    It looks like there is some kind of problem with Active Directory. It can be due to connectivity failure also. You have to reconfigure it back again and apply the settings if needed. Most of the time problem lies with connectivity or network configuration. You have to check all stuff back again and check back. Try to update your server and post back whether it is resolved or not.

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    RE: AD problem in Server 2003, Userenv Event ID 1053 problem

    You will need to do some changes in your server to get rid of that error. First you must run windows update. So that some pending patches can be installed and your system remains updated. The thing that you can do is remove the machine from the domain and then delete the machine name from AD. Later on run NEWSID and reconfigure it back again. I am sure it will be working fine.

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    Threads Windows 2003

    Windows 2003 can only support upto 2000 processor threads at any one time. Make sure you do not have any "hungry" processes or applications running at the time the error is reported.
    I beleive the operating system is reporting this fault as it has run out of processing space when attempting to handle more than 2000 threads.

    I hope this helps.


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