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Thread: How to find old computer accounts on Windows Server

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    How to find old computer accounts on Windows Server

    How can I see computers that are not connected on AD but have account. I had created some account before and there were many systems replaced in the meantime. Now the issue lies here with computer accounts. I am having around 60 computers on the network while the accounts on AD is above 100. How can I find which one is active and which is not. So that I can remove the old records. I want some help to cleanup unwanted accounts.

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    You can do that by a simple command. Now if you want to find which accounts are not logged in from last 5 weeks you will need to use this command - dsquery computer -inactive 5 -limit 0. There is another utility called as DSQUERY. It is another great way of finding un-used account from the computer. I am giving you a link below that gives you detail information on using the command.


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    There are some tools and manual way of finding out old accounts from Active Directory. One among them is AD Tidy. This software allow you to clean AD and increase the performance to great extent. It automatically search for accounts and allow you to get rid of those which are not required. I am giving you a link below that has more information on cleaning active directory.

    Clean Up Active Directory

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    Re: How to find old computer accounts on Windows Server

    You can also take a look at this Lepide Active Directory Cleaner which helps to find out old computer account on windows server and remove inactive accounts that have been inactive within the 180 number of days. It generates comprehensive report which are based on your requirement like delete, disable, enable or move these accounts.

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