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Thread: VBScript runtime error: 800A0046 Permission denied: 'GetObject'"

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    VBScript runtime error: 800A0046 Permission denied: 'GetObject'"

    I want to setup delegate control for the help desk users that we are having. All these users seems to be getting an error message when logging into the domain, which says that "VBScript runtime error: 800A0046 Permission denied: 'GetObject". It is happening at a specific line that is attempting to access the users dictionary object. The script used to work properly until the delegate control was set. It looks to me that domain users have lost some sort of permission to Active Directory. Domain Admins are not affected at all. There is no change made other than delegating the Help Desk to do certain admin features. Is there any solution for this issue? Thanks.

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    Re: VBScript runtime error: 800A0046 Permission denied: 'GetObject'"

    It doesnt make any sense why you were trying to access the users dictionary object? It could be helpful to understand what you did to delegate, and to see the code snippet where the error is occuring. As per the solutions, you may have to include a vbscript discussion board. Though it seems to me more like a permissions problem.

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    Below is the string where I am getting the error message:

    Function CreateMemberOfObject(strDomain, strUserName)
    ' Given a domain name and username, returns a Dictionary
    ' object of groups to which the user is a member of.
    ' Inputs:
    ' strDomain - Input, NT Domain name
    ' strUserName - Input, NT username

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    I guess the problem is solved now. I am testing it right now with a selected users. It looks to me that, somehow, the permissions were not being established or viewed properly by the authenticated users group. I will inform how it goes to you guys.

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